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Welcome to Eco Eats

Earth Friendly, Your Way​



Chicken Parmesan (Classic) 

One Pot Enchilada Rice (Vegetarian)




Vegan Black Bean Burgers (Lunch)

Coconut Curry w/ Rice (Dinner)




Mediterranean Garbanzo Bean Soup (Vegetarian)


Pesto Pasta Salad (Classic)


About Us

The Birth of our Earth Friendly Masterpiece

Eco Eats is a breath of fresh air for a business model that has left loads of untapped potential on the table. We look to provide various healthy options including but not limited to vegan and keto prep meals. 

The purpose of us starting is that there are not enough healthy, convenient options in the marketplace. The market is simply saturated with expensive, unhealthy, inconvenient selection, And there doesn't seem to be a balance of all three factors anywhere. Here at Eco Eats we will strive to change that. Our business offers all the healthy, tasty menu items one could possibly desire, affordable and reasonable product listings, and conveniently shipped to your door.

NOTICE: This website is for educational purposes only


Contact Us

2525 W Christoffersen Pkwy John H Pitman High School

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